Hello Darling,

My name is Bethany and all I wish to do is live a happy life because our lives are too short to be anything but happy.

I’m still rather new to the ‘adult’ life and already I feel overwhelmed by the massive amounts of expectations that are thrust upon us by society. The expectations to live the ‘American Dream,’ a romanticized relic leftover from the Post-WWII. Just the idea that we all must strive for monetary wealth and status based on that wealth is not in line with my values and what I define as being successful. At one point I did want the white picket fence enclosed yard and the 9 to 5 office job with all of the monetary gains that came along with that title, however, that has drastically changed over the past few years.

Now, my idea of wealth and success lays in the richness of experiences and the simplicity of daily living. My husband (Mr. J.) and I have a dream of living off the land up north somewhere in a tiny house that we have built together. He wants to build furniture by hand and I want to  work the land, raise our own food, and raise sheep and angora bunnies for fiber [I am quite the avid knitter 🙂 ].

My goal for my ‘I Think I’ll Just Be Happy’ blog is to document my journey towards a simple and happy lifestyle while providing you, darlings, with inspiration to make your life just as happy.

– Bethany


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